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Ten Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Brand

“How do I get more clients?” is a universal question asked by lawyers across the globe. What do clients value when making a decision to select a lawyer? How do referral sources decide whom to refer to?

Building Trust is Essential

Both clients and referral sources consistently point to “trust in the lawyer’s expertise and reputation” as the top reason for selecting a lawyer.

You can create and build trust among your target clients and referral network by knowing who you are, what you stand for and consistently delivering on your brand promise.  This means knowing, living and communicating your personal brand.

Below are 10 tips for building your personal brand.

  1. Clarify “who you are” and “what you want to be known for” before you spend time on business development tactics.
  2. Know your target client and what keeps them up at night. Do everything you can to become exceptional at solving their problems.
  3. Resist the temptation to believe that all lawyers in your specialization are the same. Recognize what makes you unique and how you bring value to your target client.
  4. Focus on the long-term return on your time. Building your brand does not happen overnight. It happens intentionally with your day to day actions–small things add up. 
  5. Your brand is a lens you look through everyday, not a task or “to-do” item on your marketing list. Your brand is constantly evolving as you learn more about yourself and your best clients.
  6. Use your brand as a guide for how you work and live. Saying one thing and doing something different is the fastest way to diminish the value of your brand.
  7. Authenticity is at the core of a successful brand. Resist superficial short cuts and “outside-in” marketing tactics.
  8. Share your knowledge and make a contribution to your community. Become a thought leader about your area of interest and expertise. 
  9.  Schedule time to reflect on how your practice is doing. Where are you today? How does that relate to where you want to be?  What are you doing to advance your practice in the direction you want? 
  10. Take individual action for building the practice you want. You can create a fulfilling and profitable practice by defining, living and communicating your brand.

A strong personal brand reflects your expertise and builds trust with your target audience. You can build the practice you want by aligning your day-to day actions and tactics with your brand and long- term goals. Contact me online or at (414) 828-5862 to learn more about how you can strengthen your personal brand. 


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