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Change the way you think about marketing.

Elizabeth Ferris, an expert in law marketing and strategy, works with the best niche law firms across North America and the UK. Her workshops will inspire you to change the way you think about marketing and give you confidence to build the practice you want.

Beyond the traditional lawyer marketing hype, Elizabeth helps lawyers master the core strategies for accelerating the growth of their practice. You will come away with new ideas and techniques that will give you tools to build your practice and help you separate yourself in an increasingly competitive legal marketplace.

“Your presentation in London last week was properly inspirational. Instead of the usual marketing tricks repackaged as a new product, your presentation was fresh and relevant and has inspired me to adopt a new strategy.” -London Family Law Solicitor

Lunch and learn workshop topics include:

1. The Art of the Referral

Your best referral sources typically come from two sources. One is from other lawyers/professionals who know, like and trust you and the second is from former clients who had a positive experience with your service.

The objective for the workshop is for you to learn how to incorporate specific actions into your day to day work schedule, so your name is at the top of the list when a former client or professional needs a family lawyer who does what you do best.

2. How to develop a successful business development plan

This workshop will help you to plan and execute critical strategies for building the practice you want, including, creating your business development plan to build your reputation, increase your visibility, generate referrals and stay ahead of the changing legal market place.

3. Creating and communicating your “elevator pitch”

What do you say when people ask, “What do you do?”  The way you answer this question can help you to build your reputation and visibility so you are top of mind when a prospective client or referral source has a problem you can solve. This workshop will provide an overview on how to create a memorable, authentic and concise “30-second elevator pitch” that communicates what you do and the value you provide.

4. Build your visibility- How to become slightly famous

Learn how to increase your visibility and reputation to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace.

The legal place is changing, including increased competition. How do you differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace and adapt to the changing legal landscape? The key is to stand out by getting noticed, or being “slightly famous”. This workshop will discuss key principles for helping you to increase your visibility and reputation so you can separate yourself from the pack and proactively respond to the changing legal marketplace.

5. Defining and communicating your personal brand

Identifying, living and communicating your personal brand is the foundation for all business development activities. Your brand is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for, which is visibly expressed by what you do and how you do it. This workshop will help you to define and communicate your personal brand.

Effective Strategies for Growing Your Law Practice – Full Day

This workshop will focus on building the essential business development skills for lawyers including how to:

  • Build a marketing framework for growing your practice.
  • Identify and communicate your unique differentiator
  • Identify your best clients are and attract them to your practice
  • Leverage the power of the internet for your practice
  • Create a result-focused action plan

Strengthen your firm’s business development skills

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