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Closing the gap between strategy and execution

We help you define your vision as a firm, developing a strategic plan that turns objectives into action.

Our experience shows us that most law firms know what they need to do to position themselves for future success. What they lack is the means to turn this knowledge into a strategic plan that staff understand, feel excited about and are able to execute. We close this gap.

We understand that often it can be incredibly difficult to step away from day-to-day client work in order to think about strategic direction. We also recognize that understanding your people and culture are key to developing a strategic plan that will really work.

The strategic planning process

Our work with you will include:

  • Interviewing staff, associates and partners to understand your firm’s culture and values
  • Interviewing clients to clarify your unique value and what distinguishes you from other law firms
  • Defining your firm’s vision
  • Prioritizing your strategic initiatives for achieving this vision
  • Developing a strong and shared understanding of strategic priorities among staff at all levels
  • Creating measurable objectives – for the firm, practice groups and individuals
  • Inspiring and energizing staff to work towards common goals
  • Developing effective succession planning

Align your culture with your strategy

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