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Build individual confidence in business development

We help individual lawyers build a practice that’s both profitable and fulfilling.

We’ll work with you to create a highly structured business development plan that integrates activities such as client education, relationship building and extending networks with your core everyday work.

We strongly believe that if you’re passionate about making a long-term positive difference for your clients, you can be successful in business development. We’ll give you the tools and strategies you need – and consult with you as necessary to help you put them into practice.

The coaching process

Our coaching work includes:

  • Clarifying what success looks like for you as an individual
  • Helping you create a clear understandable message that resonates with your target client
  • Creating a realistic, action-oriented business development plan founded in the core work you already do
  • Meeting you regularly face-to-face or talking on the phone to review your progress in achieving targeted goals

Create the practice you want.

Download a Business Development Checklist to align your weekly actions with your long-term goals.


What Clients Are Saying

I recently attended a firm retreat led by Liz with Ferris Consulting. Out of the 5 retreats I have attended with my various firms over the years, this was by far the most effective and beneficial retreat I have ever attended. Liz took the time before the retreat to discuss what each person in the firm wanted to get out of this retreat. She created an agenda that was thoughtful and really helped us hone in on what our firm does best. I left the retreat feeling encouraged and excited for our firm’s future. I also felt closer to our employees in the various offices across the state. Having Ferris Consulting as a resource for my business development and personal brand has also been invaluable. Please consider having Liz plan your next company retreat and help your employees with developing their personal brand.

— Britany Harrison, GoransonBain

Working with Liz Ferris gave us a unity of purpose – a kind of commitment to a vision – that allowed us to be vulnerable with each other, and to make mistakes and course corrections with enthusiasm.  Liz successfully transformed an assortment of individuals into a cohesive force whose transformational potential knows few limits. 

— Jennifer Tull, Law Offices of Jennifer Tull


Elizabeth is top notch when it comes to understanding how to market yourself and your practice. Her insight on how to reach your target audience and how to capitalize on your efforts is invaluable. I highly recommend Liz and her expertise in the legal marketing world!

— Jason Sposeep, Schiller DuCanto & Fleck

Along with Henry Brown’s lecture, this workshop, presented by Elizabeth Ferris, was my highlight at the 2017 DR Conference. The presentation was excellent and it provided delegates with considerable food for thought in relation to how we attract more of the clients we want.

— Carrie Rudge, Hedges Law


Liz Ferris is a force of nature. Her dynamic enthusiasm and focused intelligence have made a truly incalculable contribution to the development of collaborative practice worldwide. Liz began putting her vision and skills to work building the collaborative “brand” at precisely the moment when our movement was poised to catapult into international visibility. Her work with IACP, with regional and local practice groups, and with individual practitioners and firms has been one of the vital catalysts that made it all happen.

— Pauline Tesler, Tesler & Sandmann

My firm has just spent another exhilarating afternoon with Liz Ferris planning our marketing strategy. Liz once again brought the energy and focus to our planning work which in the last two years has helped us drive our practice forward. We may have had the ideas but Liz added the cohesion and pointed out the direction. We couldn’t have done it without her!

— Gillian Bishop, Family Law in Partnership

Your presentation in London last week was properly inspirational. Instead of the usual marketing tricks repackaged as a new product, your presentation was fresh and relevant and has inspired me to adopt a new strategy.

— Family Law Solicitor London

I have had the privilege of working closely with Liz as our firm has grown from 11 attorneys to 28 and can attest to the direct correlation between her work and the tremendous success GoransonBain has enjoyed, not only in numbers, but also in depth and breadth of expertise.

— Curtis Harrison, GoransonBain