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Ten Questions to Inspire a Successful Law Practice

Most lawyers struggle with not having enough time to build a law practice that attracts desirable and profitable clients. You can take charge of your practice by assessing your practice development strengths and weaknesses.

Read the following questions and rate the response with a score of 1-5. (1 – Not at all true and 5 – very true.)

  1. Purpose/Vision: Have you internalized “what” you want your practice to be and “why” this is important to you?
  2. Competence: Do you schedule time for attending conferences, workshops and advanced education?
  3. Best Clients: Do you know who your target client is and how to attract them to your practice?
  4. Core Message: Is your message distinctive? Does it differentiate you? Is it relevant to your target client?
  5. Consistent Brand:  Does your brand communicate what you do, who you serve and the value you provide clients. Is it memorable?
  6. Client Communication: Do your clients feel heard after they meet with you? Do you provide accessible and relevant education resources for your clients? How promptly do you return calls?
  7. On-line visibility: Does your website clearly communicate what you do and who you do it for? Does it reinforce your brand with high value educational resources and an informative blog? Do you have an updated bio on your web site and other social media sites including LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook?
  8. Building a referral network: Have you educated your referral sources on what distinguishes you and who your best clients are? Do you know the same information about your referral sources? How are you bringing value to your top referral sources?
  9. Exceptional Client Experience: Do you send out client evaluations and debrief with colleagues about improving your client’s experience?
  10. Measure your results: Do you consistently evaluate how you get cases and assess your targeted goals with actual goals on a monthly basis?

Review your answers and make a note of the responses that scored below a 3. What are your top three priority actions for the next 90 days?

You can take charge of your practice by focusing on what you want and having a realistic understanding of what you need to do to achieve your goals. 

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