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Communicating Your Collaborative Practice Message

I have had the privilege to conduct workshops on growing a collaborative practice for the past 10 years. One question I ask in my workshops is, “What are your greatest challenges in growing your Collaborative Practice?” The responses include:

  • Effectively communicating to prospective clients in advance of initial consultation
  • Effectively communicating process options at the initial consultation
  • Learning how to speak to clients about the “benefits” of the Collaborative process
  • Learning to effectively speak about collaborative practice in a way that entices clients to select the Collaborative process which will lead to more cases for everyone.

How can Collaborative Law professionals effectively communicate what collaborative practice is?

The first step is to create a relevant message that communicates what your audience is interested in hearing verses what you are interested in saying.  This will require preparation and having a solid understanding of your target markets most important problems and goals.

This chart provides a hierarchal overview on how to create a relevant Collaborative Practice message: 

#1 – Most Relevant to Audience

  • Divorce does not have to be slash and burn Family friendly, business friendly and financially friendly way to divorce

#2 – Unique Selling Propositions

  • Collaborative law is a process to settle a case without going to court 

#3 – Benefits

  • Preserve wealth
  • Focus on welfare of children
  • Preserve confidentiality
  • Control decision making
  • Looks to future 

#4 – Description

  • Withdrawal agreement
  • Team model
  • Four way meetings

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