Law Firm Marketing and Strategic planning

chessThe best way to predict the future is to create it

My firm has just spent another exhilarating afternoon with Liz Ferris planning our 2010 marketing strategy. Liz once again brought the energy and focus to our planning work which in the last two years has helped us drive our practice forward. We may have had the ideas but Liz added the cohesion and pointed out the direction. We couldn’t have done it without her! ~ Gillian Bishop, Managing Partner, Family Law In Partnership, London, England
Law Firm Strategic Planning

To achieve accelerated growth goals, it is essential for the management of the law firm to set the direction of the firm for the future.

The strategic planning process identifies your organizations core purpose (mission), vision, values and and most important goals. This process unites your firm and gives focus and direction to your organization’s future.

The strategic planning process will build trust and get everyone aligned with the firms most important goals.

Typical results from strategic planning include:

  • Increased origination from more partners
  • Alignment among partners regarding the firms most important goals
  • Increased focus and direction
  • Increased trust among partners results in expedited execution of strategic plan
  • Cohesiveness in firm about mission, vision and values ( what the firms stands for)
  • Consistent message from all partners and associates reinforces firm brand
  • Ability to achieve goals that could never previously be accomplished

The strategic planning process may include:

  • Vision/Mission/Values Development
  • Client survey
  • Management survey/ interviews
  • Pre retreat report summarizing key findings and interviews
  • Facilitated partner retreat
  • Follow up