liz-ferrisFerris Consulting was created in 2000 by Elizabeth Ferris to help lawyers and law firms achieve accelerated growth. Everything we do is aligned with the results you want to achieve. Our team of law firm marketing experts includes branding and design leaders, copywriting masters, blog and social media pioneers and media relations professionals.

We are committed to your success and helping you communicate why your law firm is the leading choice for your desirable clients.

What makes us different?

Authentic Law Marketing is the hallmark of Ferris Consulting. Instead of the traditional lawyer marketing hype, that many lawyers have experienced, our approach  is to help lawyers master the core strategies for accelerating the growth of their practice.

original two smallWebsters describes “Authentic” as   “not false or copied; genuine; real”

Authentic Law Marketing is about being genuine, this means knowing who you are, what makes you different and how you provide value to clients. Authentic Law Marketing  is about knowing who your best clients are and attracting those clients to your practice.

The greatest mistake law firms and lawyers make in marketing their practice is to begin with external marketing activities that convey a generic message and are not directed towards a specified target client.

Our passion is to help you grow a practice that attracts profitable clients who value what you do and is in alignment with your strengths and goals. Our most successful clients are lawyers and law firms who are committed to exceptional client value and have a great story to tell ( they just needed a little assistance getting their story out).

We invite you to view our web site to learn more about how Ferris Consulting can help you accelerate the growth of your law practice. Please contact Elizabeth Ferris at eferris@ferrisconsult.com for more information on effective lawyer marketing strategies.