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GoransonBain Ausley, Austin TX

The Goal

To successfully merge two of the most respected family law firms in Texas.

The Challenge

GoransonBain and Ausley, Algert, Robertson & Flores had well established brands and strong reputations for their ethical approach to family law. GoransonBain, based in Dallas and Plano for 30 years, and Ausley, Algert, Robertson & Flores, based in Austin for 40 years, wanted to create a new brand for the combined firm while preserving their name recognition and long-established reputations. They needed to define a new name, message and brand that reflected both firms’ shared values, reputation and expertise.

The Solution


Defined the new firm's name, brand and logo


Created a strategic marketing plan for GoransonBain Ausley  


Developed talking points on key benefits of merger for attorneys and staff.


Designed and wrote content for new website to reflect GoransonBain Ausley brand


Wrote and designed GoransonBain Ausley merger announcements


Worked in collaboration with GoransonBain's marketing team to share merger story on GoransonBain social media sites


Developed an advertising and media relations campaign


Conducted Attorney business development workshop and individual business development consultation to help each lawyer define their personal brand


Re-wrote all attorney bios to reflect strengths, target client and key differentiators

The Results

Worked in collaboration with senior partners and the marketing team from both firms to successfully launch the new merger. Facilitated a true merger of equals–GoransonBain Ausley–by aligning common vision, mission, values and culture to expand strategic growth in Austin. By working together with key stake holders, lawyers and the staff, we fostered a true sense of optimism and excitement around the new firm and the opportunities for the future.

Liz masterfully facilitated numerous strategic meetings by and between the partners of our organization, and played a critical role in the successful merger the firm navigated in 2017. Liz’s expertise in facilitating crucial, strategic conversations enabled the partners of GoransonBain and the partners of Ausley, Algert, Robertson & Flores to identify, prioritize, and overcome the daunting issues we faced during our merger. Without Liz’s direct involvement, the merger between GoransonBain and Ausley, Algert, Robertson & Flores might never have become a reality

-Curtis Harrison, Managing Partner