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Grow your Collaborative Law Practice

You can build a profitable Collaborative Law Practice and attract desirable clients by learning how to create and execute an effective marketing plan. This post is an introduction to the Grow Your Collaborative Practice Workshop, an overview on the key strategies for growing a Collaborative Practice will be presented.

The Grow your Collaborative Law Practice Workshop will help collaborative professionals to build a profitable and thriving Collaborative Practice.

The workshop is for Collaborative lawyers, Mental Health professionals and Financial professionals who want to:

  • Attract desirable clients (clients who value what you do best)
  • Build a profitable Collaborative Practice
  • Educate Collaborative lawyers on the value of mental health and financial professionals
  • Increase referrals for Collaborative Practice cases
  • Strengthen communication to prospective clients and referral sources via web site, professional bio, social media and networking
  • Develop confidence in marketing Collaborative Practice
  • Learn personal marketing skills that extend beyond Collaborative Practice

This workshop will change the way you think about marketing so you will have more control of building a practice that is in alignment with what you want.

Learning how to market your collaborative practice will help you take an active step towards building the practice you want to create.

“If we do not change our direction,
we are likely to end up where we are headed”

For more information on how to schedule a workshop for your Collaborative Practice group, please contact me at

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