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Take Charge of Your Law Practice Brand

A challenge for many lawyers is an increasingly competitive legal market place. How do you stand apart in an overcrowded market so your name is on the top of the list for clients who have a problem that you can solve?

One solution is to differentiate your practice by clarifying your personal brand. Your brand is your unique story, it gives clients a reason to chose you over someone who does similar work. Your personal brand is the foundation for building your reputation, visibility and attracting better clients (not just more).

 Clarify your personal brand by answering the following questions.

  • Why are you in business? What contribution do you want to make?
  • Who are your best clients? What client problems do you excel at solving? 
  • How do you provide value/differentiate yourself? What are your strengths? What benefits do clients receive as a result of your service?
  • What do you do? What do you want to be known for?  

The following is an example from an estate planning attorney:

 Why: To make the future more positive for businesses and families.

 Who: Clients who want to plan for the continuation of a family business, and the transfer of wealth and property to the next generation while keeping families intact.

 How. To guide decisions that benefit all of the stakeholders while securing the estate and the future. 

 What: Unequaled depth in estate planning and administration, and corporate law.

As result of defining his personal brand, the estate planning lawyer differentiated himself from other estate planning lawyers. He is known as the “go to” lawyer for high asset family owned businesses who value the successful transfer of wealth and keeping families intact.

His personal brand augments his law firm brand for helping business owners and families to protect important relationships, preserve wealth and plan for the future.

By defining your brand, consistently delivering on your brand promise and communicating your unique value, you will attract clients who want what you do best. You will have more clients who are satisfied with your service, pay your bills and tell others about your expertise. You will differentiate yourself among referral sources because your name is associated with a specific expertise.  More importantly, you will intentionally build a profitable and rewarding practice by becoming a recognized expert in the work you that inspires you and brings exceptional value to the clients you want to serve. 

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