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Simplify Your Legal Marketing Plan

Legal marketing can seem overwhelming.  Almost every lawyer I talk with, feels like they “aren’t doing enough” marketing and struggle to find extra time.

A busy and successful lawyer whose primary focus is to provide quality legal services could experience information overload when it comes to legal marketing.

So what is the solution? In today’s competitive market, building a successful legal practice requires both exceptional client service AND effective business development strategies.

Overdeliver to your best clients and foster key relationships

In my practice, I work with lawyers whose primary target market are sophisticated clients who value expert legal service.  Their number one referral source for top clients is through lawyers and other professionals.

Maintaining relationships with current and prospective referrals sources can sound like “old news” in comparison to digital marketing or social media. However, in the last few months, I have seen lawyers increase revenue and attract desirable clients by consistently staying top of mind with current and targeted referral sources.  

You can implement a simple referral marketing plan by doing three things today: 

  1. Develop your list of current and prospective referral sources
  2. Put your list in a visible place on your desk and review the list once a week.
  3. When you see something beneficial to your referral sources make contact with them

The following are few suggestions:

  • Put them in touch with someone who they would benefit meeting
  • Invite them to an event
  • Invite them to speak at a educational event for mutual referral sources and clients
  • Refer a client
  • Add them to your LinkedIn network
  • Send a blog post you wrote or tell them about a useful blog
  • Ask them to be a guest blogger on your blog
  • Co-write an article
  • Subscribe to their blog- tweet one of their posts to your network
  • Write a LinkedIn recommendation describing their accomplishments
  • Use LinkedIn to stay connected to your network
  • Stay current on awards, promotions or activities they are involved in by creating a Google alert for their firm name. Send a short email congratulating their achievement or recognition.

An important component to building a successful legal marketing plan is knowing who your current and desired referral sources are, acknowledging their importance in your practice and staying top of mind by consistently communicating with them in a meaningful way.

Let me know if you have additional suggestions for nurturing and growing important relationships with your referral network.

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