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Lawyer Marketing Begins With Clarity on Results

If you want to motivate your team, firm or organization to achieve extraordinary results, read Seth Godin’s recent blog post, Achievable avalanche opportunities. In the post, he writes what is required in a organization to get people excited to achieve remarkable results.

The two critical components to motivating a group include:

  1. Having clarity on the outcome ( results) you want to achieve.
  2. Selecting an outcome that is perceived as achievable.

He said it is highly difficult to get a group excited about “amorphous and ethereal” goals or about an outcome that is vague.

These components are nothing new; however, the key is to internalize their importance and put them into action. If a law practice fails to clarify and define conscience practice targets, lawyers are at risk for losing confidence and motivation. If your firm feels scattered or fragmented–analyze concrete results your firm has achieved in the past and use those results to to further clarify your desired outcomes. 

If you want to achieve break-through results, first define the results you want to achieve.

Often times, this is the most difficult step in creating an effective lawyer marketing plan.

To answer this question, I recommend taking a step back from your day-to- day routine of serving clients, meeting deadlines and responding to urgent tasks to give deep and meaningful consideration to what defines success for your practice?

Gaining clarity on the results you want to achieve is the “proactive” work that allows you to build the kind of practice that gets you excited and helps you to motivate your group, firm or team to achieve extraordinary results.

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