WEBINAR: Grow your Collaborative Law Practice

Click here to View Webinar You can build a profitable Collaborative Law Practice and attract desirable clients by learning how to create and execute an effective marketing plan. This webinar is an introduction to the Grow Your Collaborative Practice Workshop, An overview on the key strategies for growing a Collaborative Practice will be presented. The Grow your Collaborative Law Practice workshop will help collaborative professionals to build a profitable and thriving Collaborative … [Read more...]

Tips for Talking to the Media about Collaborative Practice

You have been trained in collaborative practice, you know it can benefit clients and their families and you want to educate the public and attract more clients to your practice.  Unfortunately, in your community not enough people know about Collaborative Practice and the value it can provide. A key strategy for increasing awareness about collaborative practice is media relations. Clients listen to and are influenced by what they read in the newspapers and internet, see on the television or … [Read more...]

Effective Strategies for Accelerating your Collaborative Law and Mediation Practice

Are we starting to see a turnaround in the economy? Recent reports are showing increased optimism about the economy than they were even three months ago.  What does this mean for lawyers and professionals who want to grow their Mediation and Collaborative practice? This is the time to execute strategies for proactively growing your practice. The outreach and planning you do today will positively or negatively impact the growth of your practice in the next 3-6 months. The following are 3 … [Read more...]

Is there a “Magic Bullet” for growing your Collaborative Law practice?

You have made the decision that you want to grow your mediation and/or collaborative practice. You want to attract more referrals for collaborative and mediation cases, spend less time in court and do more work that is in alignment with your interests and values. You have decided this is the year that you will transform your practice. However, there is one glitch; you already have a busy practice and you do not have a lot of extra time. What you would really like is a fast solution, a … [Read more...]

Communicating Your Collaborative Practice Message

I have had the privilege to conduct workshops on growing a collaborative practice for the past 10 years. One question I ask in my workshops is, “What are your greatest challenges in growing your Collaborative Practice?” The responses include: Effectively communicating to prospective clients in advance of initial consultation Effectively communicating process options at the initial consultation Learning how to speak to clients about the “benefits” of the Collaborative … [Read more...]

Creating A Message That Helps You Attract Clients To Your Collaborative Practice

One of the most important strategies to grow your Collaborative Practice is to master how you communicate the value of your services to potential clients. Creating a core message is the foundation for all marketing and communication activities and is essential to growing your Collaborative Practice. Why have a core message? An effective core message communicates the value of what you do and who your services are directed towards. It is how you attract desirable clients to your practice. … [Read more...]

Top Ten Strategies for Growing your Collaborative Law Practice

Many lawyers, mental health professionals and financial specialists have been trained in collaborative practice and want to build their collaborative practice. Collaborative Practice is a process to settle cases without going to court and is for clients who want an alternative to traditional litigation. It is not for everyone and it is not the responsibility of collaborative professional’s to “sell” Collaborative Practice to their clients. However, many clients and referral sources are … [Read more...]

How long does it take to build a Collaborative Practice?

As I work with attorneys, mental health specialists and financial specialists, one of the questions I am asked most frequently is, "How long does it take to grow a collaborative practice?" Having worked with successful practitioners who have transformed their practice to 100% collaborative, I have observed that the answer is as long as it takes to build a collaborative community. What is a collaborative community? A collaborative community is the synergy created by leveraging the talents … [Read more...]

How To Market Your Collaborative Law Practice

How do certain ideas, services/ products or messages advance from a position of unfamiliarity in the market to a position of extreme popularity and recognition? In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Tipping Point, he provides insight into how messages, ideas, and behaviors can infect a population and spread rapidly just like a virus. This occurs in three ways,to a The law of the few- a few influential people make a big difference A sticky message- having a message that makes an … [Read more...]

Maximize Your Family Law Marketing Efforts On The “Select Few.”

By Elizabeth Ferris “He that is everywhere is nowhere.”  Thomas Fuller One of the best ways you can accelerate the growth of your practice is to focus your marketing efforts on the select few who will bring you the maximum return on your time and financial investment. The statement, "you can’t be all things to all people" is important to remember as you build a family law practice that is fulfilling and financially profitable. Applying the 80/20 rule or the “Pareto principle” … [Read more...]