Lawyers in Community: A Lesson in Precession

Jennifer Tull Law Offices of Jennifer Tull 506 West Seventh Street Austin, Texas 78701 Telephone: (512) 472-1919 Facsimile:  (512) 472-1806 E-mail: International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers Annual Conference November, 2004 Lawyers in Community: A Lesson in Precession During the spring and summer of 2003, twelve lawyers from Texas decided to breathe life into The Collaborative Law Institute of Texas.  By doing so, we hoped to promote the principles of … [Read more...]

How the Choices you make will Impact your Success in Transforming your Practice

One of the biggest challenges for growing a collaborative practice is finding the time to learn new skills, attend meetings and trainings, and implement strategies for building a collaborative practice. How can professionals with busy lives, demanding clients, and the need for maintaining a certain number of billable hours transform their practice? In my work collaborative professionals, I have discovered that the key to accelerated growth comes from the choices professionals make about … [Read more...]

Is Building a Law Firm Brand an Important Strategy for Growing your Practice?

Does your law firm brand define your "story"? Having worked with lawyers for ten years on branding, I passionately recommend that lawyers develop a distinctive, relevant and consistent law firm brand. Your law firm brand is your reputation and distinguishes you in the minds of your prospective clients and referral sources. A strong law firm brand will communicate your uniqueness, express your value, tell your story and create a memorable presence in your market. Your brand will not be for … [Read more...]

The Single Most Effective Strategy for Law Firm Marketing

Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with my 19-year-old daughter. I was there to learn about and thoroughly enjoy the history of Rock and Roll, but I became intrigued with the artists who were able to maintain their Rock and Roll legend status 35 years later. How did they do it? How can artists be as popular today as they were 35 years ago? And would it be possible for lawyers to apply this strategy for success to law firm marketing?   Bruce … [Read more...]

Law Firm Branding: Four Steps for Building your Brand

The recent economic crisis has had significant impact on the competitive environment for lawyers and law firms. Clients are more discretionary with their financial resources and a larger number of lawyers are competing for a smaller number of clients. To excel in a competitive market, lawyers need to effectively communicate to prospective clients and referral sources the answer to the question, why should I choose you? Successful firms differentiate themselves and leave a memorable … [Read more...]

Five Strategies for an Effective Law Firm Retreat

Five Strategies for an Effective Law Firm Retreat The current economic climate has every law firm and practice group focusing on how to maximize resources, reduce costs and optimize partner performance. A recent article in the Wisconsin Law Journal titled, Firm retreats: Business over Pleasure highlights the changes law firms are making in traditional law firm retreats to focus on efficiency and cut costs. The following are five strategies every law firm, can implement to increase the … [Read more...]

Law Firm Strategic Planning- Why Do I Need Mission, Vision and Values?

By Elizabeth Ferris Recently I wrote an article about the importance of developing a unified vision for helping an law firm or organization to achieve accelerated and profitable growth. A lawyer from London who read the article asked, "what is the difference between vision, mission and values, what does each component do and why do you need all of them?" The terms mission, vision and values have become over used words and often are confused with old fashion strategic planning retreats … [Read more...]

Building A Successful Law Practice Starts With Vision

By Elizabeth Ferris As I work with law firms, family lawyers and collaborative professionals to grow their practice, I have learned that one of the most significant challenges you face is how to build (market) your practice while serving clients and maintaining a profitable practice. How do you build a desirable practice and manage your cases? Growing a desired practice begins with a conscious awareness of what you want your practice to look like and then creating a plan to achieve … [Read more...]

How To Attract Desirable Clients To Your Law Practice

By Elizabeth Ferris One of the most important strategies to grow your practice is to master how you communicate the value of your services to potential clients. Creating a core message is the foundation for all marketing and communication activities and is essential to growing a family law practice. Why have a core message? A core message sets you apart from other professionals and communicates the value of what you do and who your services are directed towards. It is how you attract … [Read more...]