How to “Find” Time for Marketing Your Law Practice


Time is one of the most important assets for a lawyer. Often, business development and marketing can feel like an invasion on this precious asset. As I work with lawyers across the country on business development plans and strategies for growing their practices, I have learned that one of the most significant challenges many lawyers face is how to build (market) their law practice while serving clients, maintaining continuing education, managing administrative responsibilities and meeting … [Read more...]

Take Charge of Your Law Practice Brand


A challenge many lawyers face is finding the balance between client work and growing a legal practice. How do you find the time to do both effectively? One solution is to focus on attracting better clients, not just "more" clients.  This requires marketing from the inside out and resisting the temptation to begin marketing activities without first clarifying your personal brand. A strong personal brand defines who you are, what you stand for and what differentiates you. It is the … [Read more...]

Qualities of Successful Collaborative Law Professionals


The most frequent question I am asked is how do I get more collaborative cases? Why are some Collaborative Law professionals attracting more collaborative cases than others? What are the qualities of a successful collaborative professional? I recently read an article by Jeff Haden on the Qualities of Productive People, while reading the article, I noticed there were strong similarities between the qualities of productive people and the qualities of successful Collaborative Law … [Read more...]

Why Your Online Lawyer Bio Matters.


Sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference in growing a law practice. Often, lawyers will avoid marketing because it will take too much time or it is an activity outside of their comfort zone. Today I consulted with a lawyer who has avoided marketing for the past couple of years because he did not think he should have to market his practice. He is an established lawyer, has an excellent reputation and has been practicing law for 25 years. I challenged him to reframe his … [Read more...]

What Does Law Firm Branding Have To Do With Law Firm Marketing?

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One of the greatest challenges lawyers face in building a law practice is time. I have yet to meet a lawyer or work with a law firm where time is not a scarce resource.  Billable hours, client demands, law firm management and administrative responsibilities are top priorities. As a result, many lawyers question the value and need for defining a law firm brand. " What does branding have to do with law firm marketing? " To answer this question, I want to start with what branding is and … [Read more...]

Attracting Profitable Clients In A Post Recession Market


The recession might be over but the recovery has been challenging for some law firms and lawyers. How do you move ahead of the competition and position yourself for continued success in a post recession market? There are many approaches to building a successful law practice, however, for lawyers who want to leverage their core competency and attract profitable and desirable clients, it is essential to build a marketing plan that is based on clarifying who is your ideal client. Knowing … [Read more...]

The Value of a Law Firm Retreat- Don’t let the “urgent” take over the “important”


Last week, I received an email from a managing partner of a successful firm. He had just received an invitation from a legal education organization encouraging him to enroll in a CLE. Included in the invitation was the following list of what lawyers should worry about: Things to worry about: Worry about courage. Worry about integrity. Worry about efficiency. Worry about whether you're a good enough listener. Worry about whether you're honing your skills. Things not to worry … [Read more...]

Lawyer Marketing Strategies- How do lawyers meet financial and origination goals?

The best strategy for meeting your financial and origination goals is to increase referrals for desirable clients. For most lawyers the top three sources for referrals include: - Web site/internet - Professionals - Past clients A successful business development plan incorporates strategies for all three categories. This post will focus on one of the most important sources for referrals,  building your professional network. Building your professional referral network begins with … [Read more...]

Reinvention Is The Key to Survival For Law Firms


This morning CBS news featured a story on the demise of iconic American companies including Hostess and Kodak. What are the factors contributing to this defeat and how do businesses and law firms protect themselves from becoming obsolete? Factors that contribute to the downfall of business include, not staying in touch with rising costs, changing tastes or new technologies, not evolving and maintaining the status quo. Kodak originated the technology for photography and in the 1970's … [Read more...]

How Lawyers, Mental Health Professionals and Financial Specialists Can Thrive in a Down Economy

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Last week I attended the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals forum in San Francisco and listened to an inspiring and well presented workshop on Collaborative Law. Today, I received a call from two colleagues who were going through divorce and wanted a recommendation for a lawyer, a divorce coach and a business valuation expert. The first names that came to mind were the professionals I heard speaking at the seminar. Why did I recommend these professionals? There were two … [Read more...]